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Montenegro attracts numerous tourists like a magnet. The gentle waves of the Adriatic Sea, the Sun generous with warmth, the sandy or pebble beaches, and a developed infrastructure make this country ideal for recreation.

At the peak of the holidays, it can be difficult to find accommodation: hotels are fully booked and there is no room in the apartments either, so a good option is to become the owner of your own property. Sales of holiday homes is becoming an increasingly popular service and here you can find affordable villas with picturesque views, wooden houses with orchards, modest or striking in terms of accessories - with swimming pools, terraces, or their own pier.

Why should I buy a villa in Montenegro?

Compared to other European countries, Montenegro is a very attractive option for international home buyers & global citizens, and there are several reasons for it:

1. There are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreigners. On the contrary, becoming the owner of a house or apartment, you are entitled to a residence permit under a simplified scheme.

2. Easy and smooth transaction and transfer of ownership. The buying and selling process is transparent, fast and reliable. It takes no more than a month.

3. Easy entry into the country. You do not need to apply for a visa if you decide to travel by plane. By law, one can stay in the state for up to 3 months within the period of 180 days.

4. Small expenses. Utility costs in the country are not high, they will not make serious changes to the family budget.

5. Fixed income if you can only occasionally rest in the villa, and the rest of the time rent it out. This will cover maintenance costs and, in addition, help receive a net profit.

6. Pleasant, mild weather. There is something to do here all year round. In summer, most vacationers choose the beach. In winter - ski resorts. Reserves, National Parks, museums are open at any time of the year, and the study of the sights will never get boring.

7. Optimal conditions for business development. The advantages include a well-thought-out foreign trade policy, and simple registration of new companies.

Prices of villas can vary considerably. The difference is explained by different factors: number of storeys, area, proximity to the sea, and condition of the property, but on average, the cost is from 1,500 euros per square meter and more.

Despite the simplicity of the transaction, it is sometimes difficult for a foreigner to understand the subtitles of the foreign real estate market so CMM will provide the necessary assistance at all stages - from search of the property to the very conclusion of the sales process. Call our office in Budva: + 382 68 108 896.