Buy a Top Property in Montenegro Online

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The placid & turquoise water of the Adriatic sea attracts numerous tourists throughout the year, but you could enjoy it the whole year around once you buy your desired property here in Montenegro, taking advantage of the current favorable real estate market. A young but successfully developing country, Montenegro has everything to suit your wishes and desires, with intrinsic plans to grow, offering excellent properties for sale, lucrative investment opportunities, captivating scenery and an engaging lifestyle of tranquility.

Your Desired Apartment in Montenegro: Fundamental Concepts and Attention-worth Features

The variety of offers on the market is vast, and of course it all depends on the wishes and preferences of the potential buyer.

What to choose: a modest apartment or a duplex apartment? In most cases, the difference between them is only in square meters. There is no particular difference in terms of comfort and any apartment in Montenegro is not classified by the number of living rooms, but by the number of bedrooms. In general, whether it’s through a developer or through a private vendor, you can find the following:

  • Fully fitted bathrooms

  • An increased number of rooms developed on the account of a traditional spacious kitchen

  • The presence of a bar counter or a miniature kitchen corner in the living room

  • The presence of a balcony, which if preferred can be easily modified into a small but cozy room.

The balcony options are especially recommended when choosing a property on the coast. It will become a kind of terrace where you can admire the captivating sea-view, enjoy fascinating sunrises and see off the passing day with a bright sunset.

What can I get for the value of my money?

Prices for apartments in Montenegro are relatively low and start at €1,500 euros per square meter and are fully ready for sale. The end price is determined by several factors: area, condition of the apartment and location. An apartment by the sea is more expensive than similar housing in residential areas and In Bar or Becici for example, buyers will always find inexpensive options. There is a lot of elite real estate in Budva, but the prices there are a bit higher.