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About CMM Investment Consulting Group


CMM Investment Consulting Group was founded as a result of the merger of a group of companies with the most experienced specialists in the real estate, tourism, and investment consulting markets in Montenegro.

Today the company is specialized in many sectors of different kind of services like real estate sales and rental in Montenegro, Spain and Turkey as well as Montenegrin tourism and investment consulting.

Since CMM Group focus on deep and comprehensive understanding of the client's needs and preferences, our main priority now is to invest in our own development projects, which will change the way of living in Montenegro. Working together and including our clients in all stages of business allows are client to feel protected and confident.

CMM Investment Consulting Group is a unique Montenegrin company, which during 17 years has become a full-cycle company: from creating the idea and concept of a real estate property, to its construction and implementation.


Why to invest with CMM Group?


During all these years our company has shaped the real estate scene in Montenegro establishing a legacy characterized by trust, excellence, as well as extraordinary and unique service. Our team of specialists is committed to supporting you throughout your investment journey, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience.

When you choose to invest with CMM Investment Consulting Group, your journey is just the beginning. We offer a range of comprehensive services, including thorough property maintenance, efficient management of rentals, and personalized interior design, guaranteeing that your property not only meets the highest standards but is also optimized for maximum rental returns.


CMM provide different services to our clients:


  • Sale & purchase of excellent real estate in Montenegro
  • Sale & purchase of property remotely through power of attorney and virtual tours
  • Investment consulting
  • Legal services (relocation, immigration, company registration, residence permit. etc)
  • Property construction
  • Property rental and maintenance services
  • Company formation services in Montenegro
  • VIP Club
  • Interior design services
  • Smart Home Solutions


Our Team


Alexander Tomic
Head of Sales Department
Sales Department
Peter Kuzmich
Sales Manager
Sales Department
Ksenija Nikolic
Head of CMM Global Department
Global Department
Marko Boro
Head of Legal and Administrative Department
Legal Department
Boban Zejak
Head of Development Department
Development Department
Ivan Matic
Senior sales manager
Sales Department
Igor Brkovic
Sales Manager
Sales Department
Natasa Lekic
Maintenance manager
Management Department
Kirill Stojanovic
Property sales specialist
Sales Department
Filip Korac
Senior account manager
Global Department
Elena Kuzina
Sales Manager
Sales Department
Ilya Salin
Property sales specialist
Sales Department
Ivan Vukovic
Legal Department
Sanja Golubovic
HR manager
HR Department
Bosko Raickovic
Sales Manager
Sales Department
Sanja Nikolic
Office manager
Sales Department
Danijel Svitlica
Key Account Manager
Anna Kulakovskaya
Marketing Department
Uros Tomic
Property Sales Specialist
Sales department
Mirko Timotijevic
Chief Operating Officer
Aleksandra Novovic
Account Manager
Global Department
Milan Radovic
Interior Design Project Manager
Furnishing Department
Miljan Bjelopavlic
Furnishing Assistant
Furnishing Department
Aleksandra Marković
Office Manager
Development Department


Elena Sheludchenko
Head of Customer Services Department
Customer Services Department
Svetlana Ryabova
Senior Account Manager
Customer Services Department
Anastasiya Zejak
Senior Account Manager
Customer Services Department
Dmitry Bonsevich
Marketing Department
Tatiana Krylova
HR Manager