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Property Purchase in Montenegro - FAQ

No, there are currently no restrictions on foreigners wishing to buy a property in Montenegro, all you need is a valid passport, and our devoted team of real estate experts and professionals will do the rest!

Once you've decided on the property you'd like to purchase, your personal sales manager and our in-house lawyer will negotiate all the terms and sort out the required documentation at the notary. The purchase and sales contract is signed in front of a notary who is assigned for the region where the property is located and the following documents are signed and registered:

  • Purchase and sales contract, which can be signed either personally, or by power of attorney (POA);
  • Clausula Intabulandi: Permitted Property
  • Registration Clause
  • Purchase and sales payment schedule - The amount can be paid straight away or can be paid in stages through a certain period of time, depending on the agreement between the parties.
  • The advice on how to register your property in Montenegro

When you buy a property in Montenegro, it will consist of a deposit, the agreed sales price, as well as the taxes and legal fees.

There is a property purchase tax at the rate of 3% ( if it's a re-sale property) as well as the fees for drafting the agreement at the notary 's, which depending on the length of the contract will vary from €300 to €500 euros.

This rate depends also on the price. For instance, if the price is €100.000 euro, the fee could be approximately €350 euro +21% VAT.

According to the Montenegrin law, a court interpreter specialized in your native language shall be present during signing of the agreement.

The temporary residence permit can be obtained through either purchasing a property in Montenegro or forming & starting a company here – both of which our consultants can help you with, guiding you through the process.

You can also gain Montenegrin citizenship and a passport which will enable you travel to 124 countries visa-free. You can apply for the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program, and further information can be found here.

The process of registering your property in Montenegro is rather simple. Our legal team know inside out all aspects of Montenegrin property registry regulations. For an affordable fee and through the given power of attorney, they will register your property for you and assist you in receiving your title deed.

Here you need to put an average of property prices throughout Montenegro, so:

Depending on what and where you buy, a one bedroom apartment can cost anywhere from €50,000 to €150,000, a villa can cost anywhere from €300,000 to over €1M, the prices of the cozy holiday houses costs from €80,000 to €200,000 etc.

The property purchase tax is 3% if you buy a property from an owner.

On the other side, if you purchase your property from the investor/developer, the tax is 0%.

Montenegro has introduced rather favourable and investment-oriented tax policy.

The corporate and personal income tax rates are both 9%.

The capital gain tax rate is also 9%.

Inheritance and pension tax rate is 0%.

Value Added Tax (VAT) rate is 21%.

For all our clients who have bought a property in Montenegro, we have prepared many useful services provided by our departments. We can offer Property Maintenance services, Property Rental Services, and Property Developing Services.