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In an effort to provide a full range of services and meeting the needs of our customers, the company CMM Family Home Manager provides services not only for the owners of small houses, apartments but also for the owners of apartment buildings, with a complex system of communication. Only experience of our employees which was accumulated over many years enables all services at the highest professional level.

  • Cleaning of debris and leaves, the adjacent area, the parking area and stairs, as well as its wet cleaning once a week;
  • maintenance of the lawn and retaining wall ; 
  • The purity of the railing around the site and their maintenance in good condition ;
  • Full functionality of lighting in communal areas and the timely replacement of light bulbs;
  • Controlling and maintaining water supplies and sewerage system.
  • Regular payment of the total costs for electricity and water;
  • Checking the roof and roof flashings;
  • Regular inspections of the object will be carried out in order to detect any changes / differences to the common areas and the outer surface of the building;
  • Inspection and maintenance of garage doors;
  • Inspection and maintenance of an elevator;
  • Inspection and maintenance of intercom systems;
  • Inspection and maintenance of cable and satellite television;
  • The representative of the management company 24 hours on-site;
  • Other services, which were not listed above, but which are required for normal use of the object, as well as for its residents.