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Montenegro is a small Balkan country in the Adriatic Sea, which, although it does not seem like a luxury destination, thanks to the picturesque coast, luxurious hotels and great popularity among yachtsmen, it is now being referred to as the new ´French Riviera´ by the foreign media.

Apart from being the home of 64 millionaires already, Montenegro has provided an opportunity for 2,000 more people to invest 250 million euros in the development program of the country and thus acquire Montenegrin citizenship.

Experts say Montenegro has become attractive because of the luxury they can enjoy at lower prices than on similar destinations. The media say that due to the marina in Tivat Porto Montenegro, Montenegro has become a paradise for yachts, and therefore it is not surprising that it was on the list of the best destinations for billionaires in 2019, published by the travel agency “Original Travel”

Montenegro is an ecological state. It contains old growth forest, 25% of its land area is unpopulated (by man) , river water is still drinkable and bears, wolves still roam. ..this is the last place in Europe where all the big 5 mammals still exist in the wild. Based in heart of coastal Europe, Montenegro distinguishes itself with a mild climate (over 250 sunny days per year), affordable prices and traditionally healthy lifestyle. This hidden gem of nature, where mountains meet sea, is also protected by UNESCO.

Montenegro possesses a unique brand of spellbinding magic that is evident from its wild coastlines, looming, grand mountain ranges, serene waters and its culture, too. The number of luxury resorts and developments popping up throughout the country are testament to the growing popularity of this most beautiful spot in the world, and there is certainly more to come.

Fish and seafood is abundant by the coast where you can find the freshest fish caught daily by the many fishermen. Sit at one of the restaurants by the beach and enjoy simply cooked, grilled seafood with generous amounts of olive oil, parsley and garlic.

In the mountains, meat is the name of the game and, despite the coast never being too far, you will most likely be served pork, lamb or beef.

Grape growing in Montenegro dates back to the Illyrians who once grew vines on the banks of Lake Skadar. With the arrival of the Romans in the 2nd century AD grapes started to be used for wine production, and the story of Montenegrin wines began.

QUOTES from Stars/Editions:

“Just as if I have returned to town from the most beautiful fairytale of my childhood.” 

Sophia Loren

“Montenegro is the new magnet for people seeking picturesque villas on the Mediterranean.” 

Forbes Magazine

“Lord Byron was right. The Montenegrin coastline really is the most beautiful encounter between land and sea.”