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Germany Set to Become Reliable Investment Partners with Montenegro

It’s looking highly likely that over the next few months and years there’s going to be significantly more investment in the IT Sector, Smart Technology and Processing for Montenegro, following a recent meeting between the Minister for Economic Development Jakov Milatovic and a group of German investors, which also included the Ambassador of Germany to Montenegro and the Honorary Consul of Montenegro to Germany.


National Par Skadar Lake

The wild beauties of Montenegro are known to many and you do not need to go too far to find beautiful panoramic views and experience the wild nature and its wonders. A short ride from the seaside and you will arrive in one of five National parks of Montenegro, the Skadar Lake.

The lake is located in Zeta valley and is surrounded by mountains. Two-Thirds of Skadar Lake belongs to Montenegro. Skadar Lake is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, with fresh water and one of the largest...


Montenegro – The Queen of Summer Festivals

As well as being known for having some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, which includes the Mountainous backdrop, the national forests & the sandy beaches, Montenegro is also packed full of culture, history and it’s Summer Festivals which are becoming increasingly popular with tourists from across the European continent and beyond.


Holiday homes in Montenegro: £1 billion investment for majestic Boka Bay, with 1,500 homes, golf course, marinas and hotels

Montenegro is small but it has big plans for the future. Live among the locals from £122k.

The small Balkan state of Montenegro, once part of Yugoslavia, has grand plans for its future.
It aims to capitalise on having one of Europe’s most arresting locations, majestic Boka Bay, with high-quality homes in a little-known destination within three hours of most European capitals.


‘MontAdria 2021’ Finally Takes Off in Montenegro

There’s a newly formed touristic event that’s taking off in Montenegro, and the first regatta officially started last week in Tivat, with three small seaplanes, one gyrocopter and two ‘Cessna 172’ type planes flying over Porto Montenegro.


Foreign Direct Investment in Montenegro

According to data from the 2020 World Investment Report, total foreign direct investment in Montenegro hit over €500m in the first 11 months of 2020, and though this was a decrease from over €700m in 2019, it’s still extremely positive for a relatively small country, with a population of around 622,000 people.


Explore The Sunniest City in Montenegro

With the first days of spring, we are taking you to one of the sunniest places in Montenegro, the city of Bar. The city of tradition, rich history, magnificent Old Town, olive & mandarine trees and admirable architectural peace like the aqueduct from the 16th century.


Kotor Winter Festival

If you happen to be travelling in Montenegro during mid to late February, then you must make a stop in the beautiful part of Kotor and experience the cultural highlight of the Winter Festival which is a traditional gathering, celebrating the Folk Spirit and Skills of the people in the region.


The Golden Visa Hotspot – Montenegro is the Number One Choice

According to a specialist immigration and relocation provider, Montenegro tops the list for those looking to invest abroad via the Golden Visa Scheme, closely followed by Switzerland and Portugal. The golden visa scheme, introduced more recently in Montenegro than other countries encourages foreign investment through property ownership, and gives the individual access to certain benefits such as visa free travel & favourable tax rates.


The pearls of Adriatic Sea in Montenegro

After meeting the astonishing Boka Bay and dynamic Budva it is time to introduce you to the Pearls of Adriatic sea. One of the most iconic images associated with Montenegro is the tiny islet of Sveti Stefan. The amazingly picturesque island is perched on an outcrop of rock and joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus which arcs out into two perfectly formed sandy beaches. Once again a luxury resort now owned and run by Aman Resorts it has had a fascinating history...


Tivat Wins in the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations Award Ceremony!

Over the last few years there has been a huge shift towards prioritising climate awareness and sustainability, and to highlight how countries & regions have been performing the Global Green Destination Days awards have been held annually for the last 6 years. The initiative & award ceremony is open to all countries and is designed to highlight those that are making a serious effort to be ‘safe, smart and sustainable’.


Montenegro – The Ten Most Beautiful Places to Visit

We keep saying it, our clients keep saying it, and our visitors keep saying it – Montenegro is by far one of the most beautiful countries, not only in the Adriatic, but also in the World, and we are becoming more and more prevalent in travel magazines and online articles.


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