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Buying real estate in Montenegro is a very lucrative investment for your very own future. For several years now, the Balkan republic has been attracting investors, real estate clients and tourists from all around the world, and a variety of amicable factors are contributing to this: the hospitable nation which nurtures a very unique lifestyle, distinguished by family-oriented tranquility, a favorable tax-policy, as well as the very smooth procedure of obtaining the residence permit after buying a property in Montenegro.

Where to buy a property in Montenegro?

It’s not only our pristine beaches & the Adriatic Sea that attracts buyers to Montenegro! We may only be a small state, but, there’s a lot going for it! There are also modern, well-visited ski resorts, so therefore, it is a very engaging destination to enjoy yourself in throughout the whole year. The mountainous area represents 85% of the territory of the country. Fascinating peaks (the highest is Bobotov Kuk - 2522 m) are distinguished by the gorgeous views and luxurious holiday hubs located nearby.

Montenegro cordially welcomes our guests, partners and friends in the very hospitable and respectful manner:

The most popular cities to buy real estate in Montenegro are:

Budva: the unrivalled metropolis of the Montenegrin tourism. A small town that can be walked around in 50-60 minutes. In the high season, the population (12 thousand people) grows almost 6 times.

Kotor: the major hub of the culture scene of Montenegro, popular worldwide and protected by UNESCO. It is the focal point of the Bay of Kotor. The depth of the Bay is 28 km and is recognized as the most beautiful and stunning fjord of the Mediterranean.

Tivat: An exciting location at the very hearth of the Kotor Bay, distinguished by the luxurious real estate and flourishing micro-economy, concentrated around a lavish world-class marina Porto Montenegro. Elite real estate and truly multicultural community compose the picture of the flourishing city with one of the most promising local real estate market in the region.

You can also buy properties in other cities of Montenegro: Herceg Novi, Sveti Stefan, Bar. Each of the Montenegrin cities represents a unique story to be retold, with its own secrets and intrinsic potentials.

What is the average price of the real estate in Montenegro?

Real estate prices are determined by several factors: location of the property, distance to the sea, and current market situation. In average, you will have to pay about 2,000 euros per sq. meter. Villas by the sea can cost 4000 € per square meter. Apartments of average characteristics can be found for 1500-1800 euros / sqm but Inexpensive real estate is be found in the area of Bar. The cost increases if the building is recently renovated, with its own plot, beach, or a swimming pool.

CMM Montenegro will assist in the buying and sale of apartments, houses, villas, plots or commercial properties in Montenegro. In our catalogue of properties you will find the most recent, lucrative offers of your desired real estate in Montenegro. Do not hesitate to contact us on: +38268108896