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Winter Wonderland - Montenegro

Winter Wonderland - Montenegro


In this issue of CMM monthly newsletter, we will be making a detour from the coast. We are taking you to the Winter Wonderland in Montenegro. The marvellous National park Durmitor and the small city of Zabljak.
With a population of fewer than 4,000 inhabitants, Zabljak is in the centre of the Durmitor mountain region. With an altitude of 1,456 metres, it is the highest situated town in the Balkan.
It is surrounded by rivers Piva and Tara and there are 23 impressive mountain tops over 2,300 meters of altitude. And the highest top in Montenegro is Bobotov Kuk (2522m).

There are 17 glacier lakes in the Park, many of which are located in truly stunning settings. Black Lake is the most visited spot in the National park, and certainly the one that deserves such attention. The name comes from the shadow created by the Međed Peak and the surrounding forest of black pines reflecting in the lake.
The most fascinating feature is the transformation of this area depending on the time time of the year. From spring to fall this area of North of Montenegro is distinguished by vibrating shades of blue and green. As the winter progresses the landscapes are transforming and eventually the mountain tops, canyons and lakes are covered in snow and the vibrating blue and green are replaced by white cover until the spring.
Tracking, mountaineering, Alpine and Nordic skiing, rafting on Tara river, fishing, camping and visits by bus or car are available to you at any time.

There are plenty of reasons why many consider Montenegro to be the most beautiful country in the Balkans, and Durmitor National Park sits in front and centre of those. Whether you’re interested in adrenaline-heavy activities or simply appreciating the surroundings, Durmitor is a place you absolutely must visit.
On the list of gorges around the world, only the Grand Canyon is deeper than the Tara River Canyon. It sinks 1,300m from the tips of the cliffs to the water, and the views are as inspiring from the bottom as they are majestic from the top. Waterfalls, caves and cascades abound as nature well and truly shows off. This is one of Montenegro’s most incredible attractions.
Durmitor isn’t just a magnet for eager tourists – it’s also home to hundreds of different birds, mammals and more. More than 160 of the former are found here, along with what is believed to be Europe’s biggest variety of butterflies.
The area of National park and the city of Zabljak is also home to one of the projects developed within the Montenegrin Citizenship by Development programme.  This project will surely contribute to the value and further development if this part of Montenegro.

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