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Why invest in real estate in Montenegro?


Investing in real estate in Montenegro presents a promising opportunity for securing your future. With its appeal to investors, property buyers, and tourists worldwide, this Balkan country offers a blend of enticing factors. From its welcoming culture fostering a distinct family-centric lifestyle to favorable tax policies and seamless residency permit acquisition post-property purchase, Montenegro stands out as a lucrative destination for real estate investment.


Where to buy a property in Montenegro?


Investing in new property in Montenegro offers more than just access to pristine beaches and the Adriatic Sea. Despite being small in size, Montenegro boasts a plenty of natural attractions. From modern, popular ski resorts to captivating mountainous regions that cover 85% of the country's territory, it's a compelling destination year-round. Montenegro provides an appealing environment to find your dream house and invest in your future. Our sales managers will help you to find the best offer after your needs, since CMM Investment Consulting Group operate all around Montenegro.

CMM Group welcomes our partners and all investors both online and in person, the only you have to do is to book a meeting with one of our agents, who will help you to find the property after your needs.


Which are the most popular cities to buy real estate in Montenegro?


Although every town in Montenegro has its own charm among the most popular places to buy a house or apartment are Budva, Tivat and Kotor.

Investing in Budva offers a blend of opportunities for high-income and a luxary and vibrant lifestyle. Budva attracts a significant number of visitors during the high season, creating a thriving market for real estate investments. With its picturesque beaches, rich cultural heritage, and entertainment scene, Budva promises not only financial gains but also a luxary lifestyle for investors seeking a piece of Montenegro's vibrant coastal charm.

Kotor is renowned globally as the cultural epicenter of Montenegro and safeguarded by UNESCO. This wonderful town serves as the focal point of the breathtaking Bay of Kotor. With the bay stretching 28 kilometers deep, it is known as the most beautiful fjord in the Mediterranean.


Tivat is a destionation distinguished by the luxurious real estate and flourishing micro-economy, concentrated around a lavish world-class marina Porto Montenegro. Elite real estate and truly multicultural community compose the picture of the flourishing city with one of the most promising local real estate market in the region.

Beyond these, you'll find opportunities to invest in properties in other Montenegrin cities such as Herceg Novi, Ulcinj, and Bar. Each city boasts its own unique narrative, harboring secrets and inherent potentials waiting to be uncovered.


What is the average price of the real estate in Montenegro?


Real estate prices are determined by several factors: city and location of the property, distance to the sea, and current market situation. The price per sq. meter depends also of the property type which means that villa by the sea will cost more than the apartment of average characteristics. The cost increases also if the building is recently renovated, with its own plot, beach, or a swimming pool.

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