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Montenegro - a country where you just want to live while enjoying the surrounding beauty and clean air. During the summer season, there is an atmosphere of holiday spirit and "eternal summer". Between the end of September to May Montenegro becomes a big quiet village where life becomes smooth slow track. Such a sharp contrast can strongly impress the people who saw only the superficial tourism in Montenegro. However, this does not mean that the "wrong side" - a peaceful quiet life - does not have its advantages.

Some of the buyers of the real estate in Montenegro are often attracted to the possibility to take a break from the bustle of the metropolis and to improve their health..

Among other advantages, there are:

  • a large selection of all types of real estate
  • profitable conditions for business for foreigners
  • similar culture
  • relatively low prices

For many of our compatriots the purchase of real estate in Montenegro based on the reviews became one of the key factors, ie targeted search of the reviews and experiences of people who have passed the way from the decision to buy a home in the country of "black mountain" to housewarming and their last residence. We advise you to get acquainted with the members of thematic forums, websites and blogs.

Reviews of real estate in Montenegro

Reviewed by Delta_Ex: It is the best to see the property and to be able to, let me say, touch everything with your hands. The main thing - trust your own impressions. I was looking for real estate in Greece, and in the end, I bought an apartment in Montenegro.

Reviewed by BalkanExpert:You can always try to find the property yourself. But from my personal experience, I would not recommend it. I have been living in Montenegro since 2005, continuously for 3 years. During this time, I have seen enough of a large number of scams of the Russian people because of their desire to buy for free. Since they don’t know the language, nor the country, they become an easy prey "clever", and later it takes years to solve their problems, losing money, time and nerves. Therefore, I strongly advise you to seek the help of real estate agencies.

Reviewed by Nikola14: In fact moving to Montenegro is more a matter of desire. Personally, I have a clear plan to move to Montenegro after 45 and have already bought a small house in Utheha for 40 000 euros only. It is located within walking distance to the beach, I was happy with everything. There are always pros and cons. Everyone chooses for himself..

Reviewed by Саприна Еватерина: : In Montenegro, both legal entities and individuals pay property tax, which is 0,08-0,8% of the fixed cost at time of purchase. Therefore, the larger the area of real estate, the higher the tax. Utility bills for 2013: garbage - 10 euro, telephone - 5 euros, electricity - 0-8 cents / kWh, depending on the time of day, water - 54 cents / cubic meter.

Reviews of real estate in Montenegro can be a great help for those who decided to buy their own homes in a heavenly spot of Europe. We wish you a successful sailing in the sea of information and rapid docking in the harbor called "The House of my dreams!"

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