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Montenegro – a place of a beautiful Adriatic Sea, modern ski resorts, clean air and beautiful nature. After visiting Montenegro, many tourists are seriously thinking about buying a home in the country "black mountain".

This decision is preceded by a search for answers to a number of questions. What is the procedure of registration of an apartment or a house in Montenegro? Can a foreigner, the owner of the property, expect to receive a residence permit? What location to choose? How profitable is it to rent your own apartment in Montenegro?

For this type of information, a potential buyer has to delve into the legal and economic aspects on their own or, if possible, to seek the help of experts. However, there is one good way to achieve the desired - to examine reviews on apartments in Montenegro. These priceless testimonies of those who have gone ahead you can be found on theme sites, forums and blogs. Some of them have already been collected for you in order to facilitate your searches.

Reviews of apartments in Montenegro

Review of Shinshilla: If you are interested in apartment then take a look at Petrovac. There are a couple of good buildings near the beach Lucica, and these apartments are very good (we liked the layout and the furniture), and the area is quiet and peacefull. Nice apartments are in Budva, but there is too much noise in the summer season. The main thing is to determine the location. And try to look for a house in the autumn-winter period, ie not during the summer season. It is the time of the year when you will see all the flaws, if any.

Review of lord2013: The cost of real estate in Montenegro - from 1000 euro per sq.m. Rental of an excellent 1-bedroom apartment can be for 300-350 euros. Cost of electricity, internet, water - 50-100 euros per month. Minimum taxes on families - 130 euros per month. I wasn’t looking for work in Montenegro, I opened an office. I have learned the language quickly.

Review of Vic: Obtaining an apartment in Montenegro is not much different from our system (in Russia). There is only one thing- that the duties of a notary are assigned to the judge . It is the job of the lawyers. A procedure is no big deal, so there is no need for the fear of unexpected difficulties.

Review of Tony: If you want to buy an apartment in Montenegro for a permanent residence, it is necessary to bear one thing in mind. After obtaining a residence permit, you can leave the country for no longer than 6 months, and after 5 years, the total number of months you were out in the country must not exceed 10 months. And again, in Montenegro it is prohibited to have a dual citizenship, so making a decision about obtaining a permanent residence, you will be required to renounce citizenship of the Russian Federation.

Review of Zhanna Swiss: You can rent your apartment in Montenegro on your own, or through the local agents. My friend bought an apartment in Montenegro. She rents it herself. Almost all year round, by week. But she rents it only to friends, acquaintances and relatives. Something like a family type mini-hotel. The keys are exchanged in Moscow.

There are many examples of how people decide to buy an apartment in Montenegro based on reviews, trusting their own feelings. Living or relaxing in the most environmentally friendly country in Europe - is a dream worthy to spend money without regret, as well as the time for its implementation.

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