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9 reasons to invest in Montenegro

1. For all the citizens of Russian Federation in Montenegro, visa is not required. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, all you have to do to go and to register in the police department and this procedure does not require permission. Acquisition of real estate gives the right to stay in Montenegro up to 6 months.

2. Montenegrin coast is the cleanest on the Adriatic coast and the least spoilt by civilization. Large hotels and noisy restaurants do not overload the coastline. Sea on the eastern side of the coast of the Adriatic is much cleaner than in the Western part. That is the reason why the Italians come to vacation in Montenegro.

3. The climate in Montenegro is remarkably mild and equable throughout the whole year. Along the beach you can find palm, cypress and olive trees, cedar trees, vineyards, agaves, kiwi and pomegranate, and cottages, apartments, villas and apartments are comfortably placed in their shade.

4. Lack of language barriers. Thanks to this, Russian buyers have no difficulty in discussing the purchase / sale of real estate in Montenegro in comparison with other European countries

5. Preferrence when compared with Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus…???

6. The price of real estate, construction and finishing works are lower than in other developed countries of Europe.

7. Relatively low level of bureaucratization of the state mechanism that allows making a purchase - sale of real estate for a few days.

8. Montenegro is an Orthodox country. 80% of the population are Orthodox, and their attitude to Russian brothers is very friendly.

9. Finally, rising prices for residential and commercial property, which makes any purchase as a good investment of capital. Villa, apartment, house or cottage by the sea on the Adriatic coast can become a permanent source of income, if you rent it, as well as other real estate in Montenegro.

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